Open Call

We currently have 2 Open Calls:

  • For our new online gallery concept, Milk seeks visual art by artist-mothers who are (about to be) on maternity leave. See below for details.
  • For a new limited series art journal, Milk also has an Open Call for works of visual art and writing by artist-mothers on the topic of motherhood. Visit to learn more!

There is no fee for submitting.

Milk art gallery Open Call

We’re interested in showing work from artist-mothers who are (about to be) on maternity leave. We understand some people may not like the term “mother” and you’re welcome to include details of that in your submission, but it does serve as a useful starting point. The word “artist” is also fraught but we’re interested in seeing work from people who take their artistry seriously—people who have been thinking about, improving upon, and producing their work for years.

It’s worth saying that we may not have a way to validate whether you are or are not on maternity leave — we’re operating on the honor system, and it would be great if you could not be an antisocial dickhead about that. The goal is to provide opportunities and support for those on maternity leave.

We’re looking for visual art (photography, painting, illustration, collage, etc) suitable for online exhibition. We have more interest in series of works or projects, but single images may also be considered if they are strong as individual objects. Please note that if you’re using photographs of your work (rather than the photo being the work itself), it needs to be high enough quality for exhibition.

Please state clearly and unambiguously what the media of your works are. We accept works of digital processing and AI so long as you’re forthright about your process of creation.

Images that contain photos of people should have rights for publication. By submitting images to us, you assert that you own the complete rights to the images and have publication permission from any people portrayed.

We suggest that you include among your submission works that are saleable. We don’t (yet?) operate as an intermediary for sales, but if someone likes your work, they may want to support you even more by buying your work. Help them to help you.

Currently open for submissions! Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis.

First and foremost, we want to bring together high quality, compelling work of various media into thought-provoking and beautiful online art exhibitions. Second to that, we recognize that maternity leave creates a gap in artistic production and it may be the case that “getting your work out there” (in publications, exhibitions, etc) may prove more difficult. We want to create an avenue for mothers to keep their publication credits moving and shaking.


What types of visual art?
Painting, photography, illustration, digital art, sculpture, pottery… whatcha got? We only ask that you clearly and unambiguously state your medium and means of production. Any art produced with AI or digital manipulation or processes must be disclosed.

You must have all rights for reproduction, including release forms for anyone portrayed (if necessary and relevant).

What kind of exhibitions?
It’s our intention to show works by artist-mothers while on maternity leave — however that’s not to say that our exhibition dates will align perfectly with maternity leave. Each exhibition will be three months in duration, the approximate length of maternity leave. We could do something really conceptual like make each artist’s exhibition the same duration as their actual maternity leave, but that could result in unfairly shafting some women who don’t benefit from longer maternity leaves. Three weeks maternity leave = three weeks exhibition? Well, that’s interesting as a concept and as a political statement, while not being very nice.

Our exhibitions will be online group exhibitions based around common themes, or in some rare cases, solo exhibitions of work.

Will I be compensated for exhibiting my works?

Since our goal is to offer support and encouragement of artist-mothers on maternity leave, we do plan to compensate for exhibition. We are still fine-tuning this concept, but the exact compensation will depend on how much work is selected for exhibition (e.g. if we show one work of art versus a whole series).

In addition to this, we ask you to consider sending us at least some artworks that are for sale. We are not (yet?) intermediaries for selling work, so if you showcase work that is for sale, this might lead to some sales inquiries. We don’t take any cut of that, we’ll just be overjoyed to have teed that up for you.